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Make: Cornwall Hardback Book

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About Make: Cornwall 

Make: Cornwall is a book about the joy of the hand made, the passion and integrity of makers, and the power of a very special place. In our sumptuously photographed and elegantly designed hardback book we aim to demonstrate the incredible diversity and impressive quality of contemporary craft in the Far West. Cornwall is a hub of exciting talent, home to makers who often incorporate the latest in modern technology while honouring age-old skills. Inspired by the unique landscape of sea and countryside, many of them work in highly sustainable and often co-operative and innovative ways. 

Make: Cornwall offers a secret peek into our makers' work spaces (whether a converted barn, garden shed or modern, town-centre studio), their tools and techniques and their making processes, with glorious photos of their finished products and lists of where to see and buy, as well as beautiful portraits of the makers themselves and the landscapes that surround them.

 About The Creators 

Anya Rice is a photographer and stylist who specialises in interiors and still-life work. Katherine Sorrell is a freelance writer who works mainly for interiors magazines, and has written 22 books. They both live in Cornwall and share a passion for contemporary craft.

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