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Professional photographer Cornwall

Working as a commercial photographer Cornwall, Anya Rice is highly experienced in all aspects of the industry, from working behind the lens to budgeting and organising the logistics of a commercial photography project. As well as her static subjects, Anya often incorporates a human element into her work, whether it’s a stand-alone portrait of an interior designer, or a reportage story about a talented maker. She also works closely with writers on editorial photography projects, to ensure the brief is agreed on and will be realistic for the allotted shoot time, and all of the image requests are met. Likewise, she will always ensure the client is left with a satisfying result that works within their budget, and doesn’t cut corners.

Commercial photographer Falmouth

There is no more direct way to add value to a company’s product or service than by using a professional photographer, to instantly gain the attention of a potential customer. The photographic aspect of a brand’s marketing strategy is key to its success, and recognising the importance of this will set a company apart from the competition. Anya Rice has worked to the highest levels of the editorial and commercial photography industry, and offers a fairly priced service that will showcase a company’s product or service with style and sophistication. Cornwall itself has seen a boom in tourism and property in recent years, particularly in the university town of Falmouth, and the need for stand out commercial photography in Cornwall has never been more crucial in creating a strong identity that appeals to clients further afield.

Commercial photography Cornwall

The benefits of using a professional photographer Cornwall to illustrate a space are enormous. Anya Rice uses natural and studio lighting techniques to create atmosphere and clarity, to maximise colour and tone, while maintaining a strong sense of fidelity in an image that never looks contrived. Using parallel-straightening shifts in-camera erases the need to contort images in post-production, retaining quality and image size. Room set up and organisation in relation to the camera position can increase the apparent size of a space, and balance the photograph compositionally. These are just a few aspects that transform an interior image, bringing it to a standard that could never be achieved otherwise. Anya takes great care and pride in her work, and is enthusiastic to produce a result that will assist in a client’s marketing strategy, in digital and print media. With great feedback from the brands she has worked with in Cornwall and the rest of the UK, as well as awards in’s best photographer and customer satisfaction categories, Anya Rice represents a clear choice for those looking for top-level interiors and lifestyle product photography.

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